Faculty of Communication

Public Relations and Advertising

About the Department

Program Outcomes
As communication experts, our graduates are not only individuals who fulfill the requirements of the profession; they are also communication experts who

  • Can use the theoretical knowledge related to the discipline of communication effectively
  • Have knowledge and skills about changing and developing communication methods
  • Have professional skills and competencies to implement new approaches in the field in today's business world
  • Can create, manage and shape different communication processes
  • Can integrate different communication platforms in a holistic and strategic way
  • Have teamwork skills
  • Have strong management skills
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Have advanced critical inquiry skills
  • Can follow the latest academic and professional discussions
  • Have strong research skills
  • Can think strategically and analytically
  • Can develop innovative solutions
  • Can act according to professional ethics and with awareness of social responsibility

Job Opportunities for Graduates
Graduates of the Public Relations and Advertising Department have a wide range of fields of work. Our graduates may work in the corporate communication, public relations, advertising, strategic marketing communication, brand management and corporate responsibility departments of national and international corporations operating in various sectors. They may also work in public institutions, media and broadcasting organizations, international organizations and non-governmental organizations. Equally, they may become strategic planning experts in media and public relations agencies, researchers, creative copywriters, art directors, advertising directors, customer representatives in customer relations departments, brand representatives, campaign managers, project directors, content producers and managers in social media agencies, or strategic communication experts in market research companies. Students who want to continue their education in this field after getting a Bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to specialize in postgraduate studies and become communication consultants or academics.